castlevania anniversary collection trophy guide

Intertwined fates Enter the following passwords for the desired effect: Contributed By: Alekhnovich, KeyBlade999, wallywest80, alex cross, ATadeo, and Bazti. The Vampire Killer is all I need. You will find a bridge you can't reach, but selecting the fang item should allow you to break bricks and create a path.

Bird/Jewel/Axe/Bird Move right Once with just Trevor, and once for Trevor paired with one of each of the three “spirits”, Sypha, Grant and Alucard. Move right Full list of all 14 Castlevania Anniversary Collection trophies - 12 bronze, 1 silver and 1 gold. Rise again, Soleil Move right (Missable) To bypass region restrictions, hold down the A button as you turn on the console. Design document.

07. The quickest and easiest way to earn this trophy is to use the following password, with the name “Help Me” to start with 10 lives at the beginning of the final stage.

There will be a point where you must descend a short vertical shaft. Keep moving left until you get to a dead end. Up/down ladder / Jump, use or to jump at a diagonal After the long drop past the spiked walls, whip the ceiling in the middle of the screen with the door in the Crystal Castle. ESRB: T

To begin the boss fights you must destroy a candle and pick up the item in that last room. You can recruit Sypha by defeating the Cyclops at the end of stage 3. You can recruit Grant quickly by choosing the Clock Tower (upper) route at the end of stage 1.

Consider remapping the controls. You can use a password to jump to stage 7, but there are no passwords for stages 8 and 9. Crouch (moveable)/Use stairs

You will earn this trophy by simply playing each of the 8 games included in the collection at least once. + When on a rope, quick descend

Contributed By: Anti Angel and Master Bigode.

Achievements/Trophies (except for Switch) ... Arcade Classics Anniversary Collection, Castlevania Anniversary Collection and Contra Anniversary Collection. It doesn’t matter which ending you get or whether or not you use the password feature.

Alternatively, you can start the game with Grant using the password FUJIMOTO.

Once 'The End' appears on the screen, press the A button to play through the game again with damage from creatures increased twofold.

Of some note is that at the bottom of the stair case, there is an invisible platform. Empty/Bird/Jewel/Empty The default controls for the game are: Complete Castlevania II Simon's Quest. On this step you should/can earn:

+/ Use items (GLITCHED) The quickest and easiest way to earn this trophy is to use the following password, with the name “Help Me” to start with 10 lives at the beginning of the final stage. Unlike other games in the series, this game is more of an open world puzzle. 05. This game is a bit different from the first, in that it’s more open world, reminiscent of the Metroidvania formula most fans are familiar with.

These passwords are so named because they will give all items, a White Crystal, 8 Laurels, 8 Garlic, 6 Experience, a Flame Whip, and - so as to make the endings more available - a clock set at zero days. It's best to avoid damage at all costs.

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