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© Elliot-Kugell. Greenburgh reportedly told the Daily Express that “she appeared to have been eating a ham sandwich and drinking Coca-Cola while lying down—a very dangerous thing to do,” and continued, “she seemed to have choked on a ham sandwich.”  He came to these conclusions from his first impression upon entering the scene, and he believed she died of asphyxia. We want to hear from you! Music Love Music Is Life Michelle Phillips Celebrity Siblings Steel Magnolias Young Celebrities Big And Beautiful Beautiful Dolls Mamas And Papas. And there was this fantastic rapport among the four of us, so we just sort of knew. ”She was really up,” he said. That evening, when her secretary, Dot MacLeoud, failed to reach Elliot by phone, she went to the flat and found the body. In 1968, Cass divorced Hendricks. Many rumors circulated regarding her untimely death. The ham sandwich myth was fueled by the report of Dr. Anthony Greenburgh, the physician who first examined Cass after her death. Mama Cass Elliot – Dream A Little Dream. I’ve been fat since I was seven. Cass said, ”I know what it must have meant to that lady to be a hit here, because I know what it means to me.” She had attended a cocktail party Sunday night at Mick Jagger’s home, but did not drink and departed early in the evening. Lou Adler, producer of the Mamas and the Papas, saw Cass’s Palladium opening. News │ Born Ellen Naomi Cohen in September 1941 in Baltimore, Maryland, Cass grew up in Washington, DC. Elliot is survived by a daughter, Owen, seven, from her first marriage to songwriter James Hendricks. │ The facts about Cass Elliot’s death were documented shortly after she died by Keith Simpson, one of Great Britain’s leading forensic pathologists at that time. Phillips: ”Cass’s idea of show business was really show business. From there she went on to headline at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco and similarly posh clubs in Miami, Puerto Rico and, finally, last month, in London. Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames. Even her best friends–her former partners and others from the L.A. pop scene were at ringside–had to say that opening night was a disaster. Links Mama Cass had been married to James Hendricks, but they were divorced in 1970. In 1998, Cass and the other members of The Mamas and the Papas were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Cass Elliot was born Ellen Naomi Cohen on September 19, 1941 in Baltimore, Maryland.

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