blue heeler puppy biting

Ian Dunbar has a TON of free resources and info about discouraging unwanted behaviors. Say “yes!” and immediately offer your hand again. Nipping is very different from biting. Dr. Sophia Yin has a book called “Perfect Puppy in 7 days” that is very helpful when starting out—and it actually features a heeler puppy. I am a owner of 2 blue heelers and one is still a pup, it is completely normal for your blue heeler puppy to nip at you. I had to go to the cleaners and a toddler there climbed all over her. Usually a few min and then they start playing again. Thanks dude!! Around 7 or 8 months he FINALLY stopped but man. Or hand feed him and start teaching him “gentle” - if there’s teeth, no food. That’s why it’s under the chin. I think you can do a lot with training, but I also feel like biting is in their nature and you can't punish it always. All or almost all puppies bite, most of them quite a lot. Once your Blue Heeler puppy does something to your liking, reward it with a small dog treat or with some play time. Owners of Australian Cattle Dogs must be dedicated to seeing that their dogs have sufficient ways to expend their considerable energy throughout their lives. *Restrictions apply. © 2020 EzineArticlesAll Rights Reserved Worldwide, Five Health Problems Dogs Faces Due To Fleas, Weimaraners: High Energy Dogs for Families With Teenagers, Silver Labrador Retriever: Making Old New Again, Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers: Once an Endangered Breed - Now Top 10 Best Family Dogs of 2020, Why Golden Retrievers Are Great Family Dogs, How to Stop Your Blue Heeler Puppy From Biting,,­to-­Stop-­Your-­Blue-­Heeler-­Puppy-­From-­Biting&id=4429443. My pup started biting young and I have the scars to prove it. Most herding dogs give up nipping with training but some persist in it. | See Comments. This can often be done if you’ve previously taught your puppy to “leave it” or “drop it” using treats or toys. It didn’t break the skin, but it left a gnarly bruise on his leg, and my cousin was absolutely furious with me. Okay sorry about the wrong terminology lol. Platinum Author I’d say just make sure you get plenty of chew toys. If he gets too out of control, walk away and stop playing. American Kennel Club: AKC Meet the Breeds: Australian Cattle Dog, Australian Cattle Dog Rescue: ACDs as Pets, United Kennel Club: Australian Cattle Dog, Continental Kennel Club: Australian Cattle Dog, "Australian Cattle Dogs"; Richard G. Beauchamp, American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals: Aggression in Dogs, American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals: Socializing Your Puppy, How To Train Your Dog To "Load" Into Your Car. (My cousin‘s son.) You aren’t supposed to let them see your hand coming at them like you are hitting them. If these highly intelligent dogs do not have things to do to exhaust their energy, they will create things to do. If anything happens and he were to bite another person for any reason, he could cause severe damage if he hasn’t learned to control his bite strength. Our blue heeler nipped as a young puppy. How to Stop Your Blue Heeler Puppy From Biting Blue Heelers come from an extended line of Australian Cattle Dogs. It may seem like things aren't working but just keep trying/ignoring it/correcting him. Saying "no" is probably as effective as my feigned injury. Visit to learn about puppy care and puppy training. You may have to leave the room if he won’t stop. This will take some work, and your dog might not be ready just yet if it’s still nipping. Press J to jump to the feed. The Australian Cattle Dog, also called a Blue or Red Heeler, originally was bred to drive cattle over long distances. These dogs bond closely with their owners and look to them for leadership. He's probably younger. MY BLUE HEELER is a mix of border collie and blue heeler. My blue heeler puppy will not stop biting. How would you go about fixing this? If Australian Cattle Dogs are exposed to people at a very early age, especially by the time they are weaned, they can learn that strangers are acceptable. Avoid rough play. This is often seen as part of play, and it will entice him to keep biting. We will never sell or rent your email address. I have mixed feelings about that. Contrary to popular belief, this playful energy can also be a cause for nipping. The general philosophy is to teach your puppy how to control his bite, rather than try to avoid biting altogether. It's great that you're willing to train your puppy, but 10 weeks old is far too young to think this has anything to do with the breed or behavior beyond him being a puppy. I recommend hanging out with kids that are calm, slightly older so they can take direction, kids that you know, kids of your friends that you are familiar with, etc. Dog training links, discussions and questions are encouraged and content related to other species is welcome too. By teaching them these things your dog will soon develop the discipline to obey your other commands. Try to keep toys around so they have something to chew on but if they get to mouthy with your hand, make a loud or sharp noise to let them know it hurt and stop the game for a min or two, then grab a toy and play again. Take advantage of your pup's age and see if the yelping technique combined with widely available chew toys is enough to curb the behavior. Learn how to keep your Heeler from nipping, biting, and herding. DogTraining: A forum on dog training and behavior. If they were not raised with other small animals, Australian Cattle Dogs may not be the best breed to adopt if you have other pets. Once your dog knows these commands, you can work to expand his contextual knowledge of them to also apply to people. Basically when puppies play, and one gets too crazy or bites too hard, the other puppy will yelp and stop playing. I had a heck of a time with this. But I will happily hear more advice, bc he still nips at my 7 year old shepherd mutt. Also, make sure after 'no' or turning your back to give him something good to chew on and praise him. This is generally done in two stages: Teach him to bite you softer and softer, until he is basically just lightly setting his his teeth on you with almost no pressure. The moment he softens/releases his bite, you actually should reward him, not punish him. Lea Mullins  |   I rub his face with a closed hand, all is good. American Kennel Club: AKC Meet the Breeds: Australian Cattle DogAustralian Cattle Dog Rescue: ACDs as PetsUnited Kennel Club: Australian Cattle DogContinental Kennel Club: Australian Cattle Dog"Australian Cattle Dogs"; Richard G. BeauchampAmerican Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals: Aggression in DogsAmerican Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals: Socializing Your Puppy, Teaching Your Dog "Down"Teaching Your Dog Basic CommandsHow To Train Your Dog To "Load" Into Your Car. I suggest telling him no very sternly or if you kennel train then to tell them no then put them on a timeout in the kennel for at least 5-10 minutes. Nipping should never break the skin. It also really scared my little cousin. It’s no fun when the game ends. Discouraging the biting (stop giving attention, no rewarding the behavior in any way, an upset "ouch", etc) will probably help him grow out of it faster, but he will likely continue to bite for at least a couple of months. Australian Cattle Dogs tend to use their mouths to inspect the world around them. This is why puppy training is essential for Blue Heelers. We are certified via, If your dog doesn't try to growl or nip, give plenty of praise and treats. The best advice I can give you is to make sure you exercise your baby well, they're more cuddly and loving, when they have an outlet for that energy. ©2020 PetCareRx. Not a problem for me however I'm willing to put in however much time is needed to fix this. Article Source: Having your dog go through a variety of exercise activities will definitely help. Instructions . If your blue heeler's biting is true aggression, then you may need the help of a veterinary behaviorist. So for cattle dogs, biting while playing and “heeling” are different. Biting is completely different than is nipping. |   Here’s the part that most people mess up. Has curbed the nipping tremendously. It starts becoming more difficult to teach at 4 months, and incredibly difficult to teach after 6 months. He's a shepherd of some sort. I just really don't wanna fuck this dog up lmao. Australian Cattle Dogs are highly intelligent, and can learn obedience commands quickly. Any patient and gentle method should work, eventually. Feed him only out of Kongs with frozen kibble inside so he learns that there is something that he gets rewarded for chewing on. In fact, many would find it interesting to know that the name "heeler" comes from their habit of nipping at cattle's feet while herding them. In my experience many herding dogs nip. He had several blue and red heelers that all worked his ranch and they were so well trained it was amazing. Prohibit children from engaging the young Australian Cattle Dog in any type of chasing or nipping game, as this goes against the training these dogs need and may lead to trouble later. It works. You can do this however feels most natural to you. Personally, my blue heeler is the love of my life and he has been biting since day 1. If you find a better price for an item from a U.S. licensed, .Pharmacy 10 weeks is pretty young, I think biting is expected. You’re rewarding him for letting go, and his reward is he gets to continue to play. Work on teaching puppy all the basic tricks such as: sit, stay, and rollover. The Australian Cattle Dog, also called a Blue or Red Heeler, originally was bred to drive cattle over long distances. He loves to rough play way too often. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Never use physical punishment because you may simply end up scaring it than disciplining it. 10 weeks is young, and puppies of all breeds bite. Now my dog is known as the “mean dog” and is not allowed at family functions. As herding dogs, Blue Heelers are naturally full of energy. Large plastic or rubber balls that the dog can push around can make good herding substitutes. Don’t yank your hand away and hold it up in the air. I've worked very hard to nip it, but again he is a heeler. Bite inhibition is an incredibly important skill to teach your puppy. Be the first to hear about new products, latest news, and more. So you can do the same thing. Always have a toy to redirect him to if he bites/nips — say “ouch” and yelp if he bites, then redirect to the toy and praise him if he takes it.

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