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Updated by Matthew Wilkinson on April 18th, 2020: The Zombies mode of Call Of Duty has always proven to be incredibly popular, with every map having some positives and negatives. Der Eisendrache may just take the number one prize in terms of visuals, with this map being absolutely stunning to play through with incredible detail-packed to both interact with and in the background. ZombieModding, UGX, and ZomMods are favored, but all sites are user friendly. you have a lot to choose from so ill break it down into soem catagories depending on what you like. Now one of 5 returned to feast on the energy of Earth. The final map in Black Ops 2, Origins is without question the hardest map to be released so far. So many maps that incorporate all the different features from WaW, BO1 and now BO2. The map introduces a few new weapons, and new gameplay mechanic called "Afterlife Mode", and an awesome new perk called Electric Cherry that stuns enemies while you're reloading. Inspired by the 1940s New Orleans Jazz scene, the fictional Morg City was a perfect environment and switched things up for Zombies, going from the traditional bleak colors to something a little more vibrant, which was met with positive and negative feedback. Where does Agartha lie? Currently working on callofdutyrepo custom zombies download manager. Absolutely not. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. The map takes place at Alcatraz Island. Battle through endless demon hordes, and escape the fiery pits of Hell! When activated, a black hole opens, sucking all of the enemies into it for a time. A large portion of these research projects featured the ever lethal chemical known simply as, Nova 6. Have you ever fight off zombies in the pentagon while dressed as Richard Nixon, Fidel Castro, and John F. Kennedy? Being set on an abandoned USSR rocket testing facility, players will fend off waves of zombies around this facility, and find loads of cool little add-ons along the way. /r/CODZombies is a developer-recognized community focused on the franchise. The map also had a real cinematic feel about it which was helped by the fact that the game brought in four big celebrity names. This is the map that started it all; a small, dimly lit house with nothing but you, zombies, and a lot of guns. Waw Maps. Press J to jump to the feed. This is my "practice map" it is something I built as a way to learn the editor and works but was never meant to be released. All rights reserved. Uhmm Dome zombies (the mp map from mw3), nazi-zombie-christmas, rust zombies (the mp map from mw2), leviathan (heard a lot of good things about it but can't play it myself my pc sucks), cheese cube unlimited (I'll warn you beforehand this map … Huge credit goes to Bamskater33 for being the one who created the original version of this map in World at War. The whole map was made by me, but as far as custom guns, additional perks, etc. This is a very fun and vibrant map, in comparison to most Zombies maps. You need to sign in or create an account to do that. Kino Der Toten was the first map to be shown off for Call of Duty: Black Ops, and takes place in an abandoned theater. Uhmm Dome zombies (the mp map from mw3), nazi-zombie-christmas, rust zombies (the mp map from mw2), leviathan (heard a lot of good things about it but can't play it myself my pc sucks), cheese cube unlimited (I'll warn you beforehand this map can make you extremely rage) and stairway to hell. Origins takes us back to before World War II, where we thought it all began, to the first World War, playing as younger incarnations of the main Zombies crew. What was the hidden song? The zombies mode has always been a firm fan favorite amongst gamers in the Call Of Duty franchise, with many gamers spending the majority of their time battling the undead rather than doing anything else. Cursed, your only option is to fight or die. One window challenge:;sa=view;down=1900. With an all new Zombie mode in Black Ops III, it's time to look back and decide what the best Call of Duty Zombies map of all time is. All Waw Maps ; Top 50 Waw Maps; Waw Mods; Map Download Manager (v1.4) BLACK OPS 3. Stairway to hell: Gulag zombies returns in its final form. We play it all, World at War, Black OPS 1,2 and 3 Zombies!!! This map came under some criticism for being a little gimmicky when it was first released, with the game allowing you to play as famous world leaders; John F. Kennedy, Fidel Castro, and Richard Nixon. Within this list, we will be taking a look at the 15 greatest Call Of Duty Zombies maps of all time. Decagonal Demise :;sa=view;down=2094. Upgrading the fire bow can be ridiculously hard, requiring precision no scope shots to hit a target while flying through the air. This particular map had space monkeys appearing and grenades that would create black holes, utilizing the theme of the map. The map itself is incredibly varied, too – there’s the lab, which is something that looks like it could be straight out of Frankenstein’s Monster, the living quarters, which take on a creepy atmosphere if you examine the finer details, and the undercroft, a vast maze underneath the castle which occasionally disables its gravity. From Nazi zombies to super fast exo-zombies, here are the best maps from Call of Duty's beloved Zombies mode. In a broken future a team of soldiers is trying to free their friend from an unknown power. Octogonal Ascension:;sa=view;down=2047. Worse, they continuously respawn until you leave, and, if they touch you, you'll lose a bunch of points, which is as horrifying as it is annoying. This map takes place in Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare, and it really is an excellent map that feels unique and offers a lot of fun. The last man standing for the last war of humanity, since the I group started finding those old nazi documents, everything was getting worse and worse... HARDCORE VERSION NOW OUT: The Last Dragon: Hardcore Edition: After meeting with the Dr.Monty, the origin's crew got to find their way to the House. After a catastrophic accident, an expansive underground facility is plagued by hordes of the undead. So far there isn't that many, only something near 150 custom maps that're even worth looking at(in-game). Der Eisendrache is a visually stunning map with a lot of interesting things to marvel at, but if you're planning on completing this Easter Egg, you better know what you're doing. In his quest to find the ultimate power he ignores the dark power that resides there... A Govenment plane carrying a new BioWeapon has crashed in the city. There’s loads more for you to discover in this map, so give it a shot when you can! This is basically octogonal on steroids with Flame zombies and other specials zombies and is considered even harder by most but it just requires a different approach but is easily beatable with a coordinated team unlike octogonal where there is no real strategy. Every round feels unique and the random clowns add a fun dynamic to it. Five also brought a new form of enemy with the Pentagon Thie, who took things to a new level with his attempts to steal your weapons, causing problems for people throughout. There are insanely detailed and hard to execute easter eggs, stories that run so much deeper than you'd ever imagine, and honestly some of the funnest gameplay you can ever experience with your friends. Enjoy! The TMNT have been overrun with a Zombie infestation. This Universe is bigger than the biggest thing you can imagine. Both Custom and Stock maps!!! YEAR 2115: Humans destroy the earth by climatic change and global disasters. The map forces you to run through a haunted house while chased by ghosts apparently returned from the nineteenth century. It's not necessary, but if you enjoy my work, please feel free to donate if you want: **Note: Map is meant to be played with UGX Mod BO3. This site will be continually updated and new features and custom map content will be added on a weekly bases. Previous bug fixes, there are no more glitches that I am aware of so please let me know if you find any. This is the final map in the series, and, because of that, everything is ramped up to make this very difficult, although it does bring the story arch together in a satisfying way that left everyone happy. What made this map so good was the extreme variation in the map and the unlockable staffs that you could get for every member of your team – making your zombie-killing escapades much easier. RELATED: The 10 Greatest Call Of Duty Maps, Ranked. Best maps: (most detailed, well made with EEs and end games). Mining in space, seems safe enough, until you discover a new rock that seems to turn your workforce in to a bunch of mindless, flesh craving zombies that would like nothing better than to munch on your melon! 37 - A Christmas Story: This map came out of nowhere and provided a lot … We highly suggest installing/loading it first before playing, thank you! Spanning three different games (sorry Nintendo DS we're not including you for this one) the Zombies franchise has a cult following and for good reason. The whole map takes place in a zombie infected amusement park with rides blaring around and a hilarious MC who keeps things entertaining throughout. RELATED: 10 RPGs From The 90s That Still Need A Remake. A long time ago you were betrayed. Our Heroes find themselves in a strange Christmas Village! Pretty much cheese cube but abit harder on the ascent as the jumps are trickier but once you reach the top its pretty easy. So I am releasing upon request from friends. This map also hides an underside, and a story that can be told through a super long and complicated easter egg. Here's a crazy stupid map to celebrate don't take it seriously! There’s plenty to explore in this snowy wasteland – a huge destroyed freighter, the icy waters below it, and a massive lighthouse that towers over the entire map. This didn't have the story or detail that later maps would develop, and the map was very small, but it became so popular that Zombies became a consistent feature, with this map providing a real thrill. Sadly, it was never remade, so you’ll need Black Ops II and the DLC in order to play it. most of these maps are downloaded through the UGX map manager here: We're even including Black Ops 3 zombie maps as they come out, so you can vote those up if they're really good. This is the first map where you can actually "complete" the level, done by completing the "pop goes the weasel" easter egg. The map has three sections; a sophisticated office topside, a vast middle section full of computers, and a maze-like bottom layer where all the seedy testing goes on. It was a very large map, which suited the Zombies world and allowed gamers to live a little longer. It made the map feel special and important, with COD clearly putting a ton of effort into making this one exciting. I would love to know the download link. are done by the people in the credits section. For a long time, Ascension was the absolute best CoD Zombies map (and it’s still considered that by many today). The map’s been in a few games since, and received a few nice modernizations, but if you want the true experience your only option is to go all the way back to the original game. Challenge Maps; Easter Egg Maps; Buyable Ending Maps; UGX Modded Maps ... Asylum Zombies Map Pack. Hotel V2 is literally the easiest map of all time, but it is kind of cool. The Gersch Device is a grenade-type weapon unlocked from the mystery box. RELATED: Modern Warfare: 10 Things We Learned From The Call Of Duty Alpha Test. Ascension also introduced a few new unlockables, which many consider to be classics – PhD flopper (which sadly was replaced in the Black Ops III version) was a favourite perk of many thanks to its ability to eliminate self-damage and cause explosions when you dive. Descent is a map that people either love or they hate, with this being Sledgehammer's take on the Zombie experience within Advanced Warfare, and it was certainly an intense experience. Whether you brave it alone, play with friends, or go online to team up with others, battling against a horde of zombies is a whole lot of fun and throughout the years there have been some incredible versions of it.

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