best redemption arcs in cartoons

I do feel for Ella. And, of course, there’s The Search—when Zuko, Aang, and the gang form an uneasy union with the now-mad Azula and go hunting for the biggest missing piece in Zuko’s story: his mother. 06. Fear that he’ll never capture the Avatar, thereby both proving an abusive father wrong and receiving his approval. And his relationship with Zuko is, as Hamilton argues, the most compelling relationship in the entire show, “villain” status be damned. Time To Go Back To Astrology! Some particularly narrative-heavy episodic adult comedies, like your Arrested Developments and your Parks and Recreations, also get the nod. I hated him for two seasons, then he became my favorite out of the whole cast. She put her past behind her and decided to dedicate her life to building her relationship with her father. Sadly not. Leia never forgives him, and neither does the galaxy at large, but his story is about him being redeemed in the heart of his son, not about him getting a happy ending. The second is a lack of remorse, apologies or consequences. Truly, his character arc was so well-written and well-executed by Alfie Allen. The season two premiere ends with Iroh and Zuko symbolically cutting their hair and, with it, their allegiance to the Fire Nation. When it comes to episodic storytelling in the so-called Second Golden Age of Television, we love to talk about arcs. I think that if Genies can have limits, then so can fairy godmothers. Okayyy having watched 7x12 I think I'd put Tremaine..... Just above Neal, and here's why I place her so low: Tremaine's redemption was just about Drizella. Seeing him grow into an empathetic, emotional being who was hell-bent on making the afterlife better for all of humanity was a joy. It prized episodic storytelling filled with attentive character development and tackled complex philosophical issues for an all-ages audience that wrapped up two years before Adventure Time launched—and its creators handled the show’s heavy East Asian and Inuit cultural and historical influences respectfully and (relatively) accurately to boot. Slowly revealed across the course of three seasons, the intricate nature of Zuko’s ancestry, familial ties, and troubled relationship with his own nation make up a character far more complicated than the fire-tempered snarler we’re introduced to in episode one. Vegeta is one of the most iconic villains to ever go to the light side ever. He went from a crass, careless frat guy who wanted to go into plastic surgery to a badass pediatric surgeon who cared about his friends. Fear that he’ll never be strong enough to face the many hardships of his life each day without denial and pain. I mostly agree with Ella's partbut in Rapunzel's defence she: B. also died to ressurrect Lucy (undoing your own mistake isn't like, super grand, but it was still signs of growth). And Zuko, despite the titular reverence paid toward Avatar Aang, is the show’s emotional and narrative core. But even with that wisdom, Zuko had to learn the hard way—by failing, by hurting the ones he loved, and by betraying his true self until, finally, he could find it. ", "The first two seasons he was made to look like the quintessential douchey man-boy: money hungry, pompous, and pretentious. Now, he is the doting mother of an unruly gang of teenagers and together they all keep saving the world. One of my few gripes about Season 7 was the fact that they did a Cinderella story with no Fairy Godmother. However, if there was ever an archetype to constantly surprise the fans, it would be the villain, especially when they undergo a redemption arc. We all have one—that problematic favorite who started their career as a villain and who ended up doing the right thing. California residents can opt out of "sales" of personal data. This is justifying Regina's crimes with "they benefitted her victims". to Victoria in 711, she had also said "Oh yeah, you killed her. ", "It's hard to believe when watching later seasons that she started off the show as a ruthless serial killer. 4 2 +2. : 10 Times Kaiba Was Way Too Cruel, Death Note: 10 Things You Need To Know About Mello, Ken Kaneki & 9 Other Anime Protagonists Who Had Kids, One Piece: 5 Anime Characters Arlong Could Defeat (& 5 He'd Lose To). (It is a little unfair to compare Catra’s redemption to Zuko’s. He never really had to learn the error of his ways but instead reconstructed his edgy energy to do some good and fight against even snobbier, more evil villains. If you liked this story, sign up for our newsletter. In turn, he inspired change in his father. But we can’t satisfy every arc here. Angel would be nothing without Cordelia. The third problem is a lack of change. She still does bad, the narrative just shows it as okay. 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At least, he did get he did face consequences for his actions by dying, but my issue is the narrative doesn't seem to recognise that him sselling Rumple into slavery and endangering the whole of SB (and this was knowingly) was wrong. He abandoned the Hidden Leaf at a young age, assisted a terrorist and a well-known, human experimenter, and attempted a one-man war against everybody when he took his brother's backstory to an entirely different direction than what anybody was expecting. Raised on a steady diet of The West Wing and classic film, she is now a cosplayer who will fight you over issues of inclusion in media while also writing coffee shop AU fanfic for her favorite rare pairs. This makes up for literally nothing. The duo barely features in “Avatar Day,” but the most memorable scene in the episode comes at the end, when Zuko tells his uncle he wants to carry on without him. (Or ANYTHING ELSE), JK Rowling’s Awful Gender Politics Should Be No Surprise to, K-Pop Fans Have Been Vanquishing Racist Hashtags and Police Apps, Our Books, Our Shelves: RIP, IRL—Fandom Has Always Lived Online. These are not the actions of a hero. They botched Drizella's redemption. Let the record show that I will never support the concept of a Severus Snape redemption. Sometimes these villains will get a redemption arc, but they aren't always deserved. 1Zuko - Avatar The Last Airbender. Hollywood renders nonbinary people nearly invisible, which is why the latest ‘Steven Universe’ episode a revelation. ", "He went from a demon whose purpose was torturing humans to literally becoming a human! ", "This list would be incomplete without including Spike. Three star Zuko—and he’s no less complex. Heady stuff for a “kids’ show.” But the most powerful moment in the second season—and, behind Zuko’s third season facedown with his father, voiced by a deliciously understated Mark Hamill, perhaps the most powerful in the show—comes when Zuko is presented with the opportunity to kidnap Appa, Avatar Aang’s beloved sky bison. More like "'Weeds' Is Drugs and Family and Drugs and Grief and Drugs and Comedy and Drugs, and How Have You Skipped It, JOHN?" Zuko and Aang travel together to a long-lost kingdom of firebenders, where they learn the truth about fire—its power may be destructive, but fire is also the warmth of the sun and of the body. Throughout 3A Lana portrayed Regina as beginning to show remorse and it was promising, but this was smashed to pieces with "I should be overflowing with regret but I;m not because it got me my son". In season 6 she brutally murdered WR!Snowing. I'll add Tremaine and Drizella when I watch those episodes. Dislike Hook all you want, but you cannot say he has not changed. The Harry Potter books present two examples of redemption arcs. In season 4 she enslaved Sidney after keeping him trapped for over a year, tried to kill Marain, tried to rape Robin via rewriting the book, sexually assaulted Belle for fun and attacked Lily with a knife. After three seasons and a near-perfect finale, the story picks up right where creators Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino left off, in a series of original graphic novels penned by Gene Luen Yang. ... Top 10 TV Character Redemption Arcs. Long before the series began, when Iroh faced his lowest moment, it changed him into the man of wisdom, patience, and balance that could help Zuko become the same. At first, he’s painted as a headstrong, arrogant, angry teenager, petulant and averse to advice. Letting Appa go free doesn’t free Zuko, though. Email us. She was such a complex and well-rounded character, she deserved a good redemption. But no matter which manner of arc you land on, it’s all about dramatic events over the course of a show’s narrative—or, in some cases, one of its many narratives.

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