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In the pages that follow, we celebrate the athletes, explorers, innovators, and troublemakers who are living bigger, braver lives and daring us to follow their lead. "Someday people will know me more for being an outspoken environmentalist than as a freediver." FORWARD SPIN: Georgeson hopes to nab a WCT win next year—all the sweeter if it happens on her home surf. And then there was the time she was trapped on a log when a flash flood hit, and had to be rescued by her porters. In 1997, she horsepacked across Tibet as part of a research mission to meet blind children. She looks like she's been painted by Picasso. —KATE SIBER, EMMA RICHARDS 29 Round-the-World Sailor Cowes, Scotland Her first book “Not so high, Not so difficult” addressed to the business environment, sport environment and personal growing, has been published in Spanish, Catalan and Italian. [8] Hawley reportedly said the Kangchenjunga entry will be switched back to "successful" if the Spanish team withdraws its allegations. (50 min.) To climb hard routes, it is essential to have a strong connection to your partner, and I've had this with both men and women." Muchos ejemplos de oraciones traducidas contienen “Araceli Segarra” – Diccionario español-inglés y buscador de traducciones en español. Chlumska caught the Himalayan bug the next year while managing Kropp's Everest base camp, and became the first Swedish woman to summit the peak in 1999. The others, Frenchwoman Chantal Mauduit and Pole Wanda Rutkiewicz, would die in accidents on similar high mountains. —SHANTI SOSIENSKI On May 4, 2010 Pasaban mentioned the names of the seven Sherpas involved: "Dawa Ongchu Sherpa, Pema Chiring Sherpa, Chheji Nurbu Sherpa, Dawa Sangge Sherpa, Ong Darchi Sherpa, Cuombi Sherpa and Phurdorchi Sherpa. Her work on the Imax film led to more assignments with its director David Breashears, travelling through Tibet shooting landscape footage for Jean-Jacques Annaud's movie Seven Years In Tibet , which starred Brad Pitt. Now she's a homeschooled skater who spends her days riding alongside sport legends Tony Hawk and Bucky Lasek at the most famous skate park in America, the Encinitas Y, and traveling to pro skate-offs around the world. - Rock climbing in Welcome Spring (USA) reaching 7c+. READY FOR PRIME TIME: Reality-TV fans may recognize Georgeson from her role on Boarding House: North Shore, the WB's 2003 series that followed competitors in Hawaii's Triple Crown as they surfed and club-hopped in Honolulu. SAYS WHO: "Liesl's drive and work ethic are impressive," says mountaineer Dave Hahn, who worked with Clark when she filmed the 1999 Mallory and Irvine Research Expedition. ARACELI SEGARRA 33 Mountaineer Barcelona, Spain WHY SHE RULES: There are a few important things to know about Spanish climber Araceli Segarra: She doesn't believe in ropes, oxygen, or porters. When you mix the two, it's a lethal weapon." Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner and Nives Meroi are the two other female climbers who have summited all 8,000 meter peaks. IMDb's advanced search allows you to run extremely powerful queries over all people and titles in the database. The 1986 climbing season on K2 remains the worst on record. "Neither world on its own is that significant." 'No,' she says. LANGUAGE 1 - One anatomical reference (used as a synonym for "mule") and one mild obscenity. I was a tomboy, always fighting, always the one who wanted to jump from the highest point. In case you haven't noticed, the thrill of total commitment has also gripped the women in our world. Help fund our award-winning journalism with a contribution today. It's steeper, too, and harder to climb. STEPH DAVIS 31 Climber Moab, Utah WHY SHE RULES: Illinois-born Steph Davis got her first taste of rock climbing in 1990, when a college classmate at the University of Maryland persuaded her to cut calculus and head for a local crag. ARACELI SEGARRA 33 Mountaineer Barcelona, Spain FORWARD SPIN: Winter cross-training events, like the Tahoe amateur snowboard series and local San Diego surf contests, are high on Hawkins's to-do list. Her focus: using herbal supplements, like cayenne and ginger, to help women stay warm at high altitudes. FORWARD SPIN: In May, Kelly plans to join Ludden and five other kayakers on an eight-month round-the-world paddling adventure exploring 30 river systems, including the Mekong and the Blue Nile. WHY SHE RULES: In 1977, six-year-old Louise Leakey became the youngest human to find one of the oldest hominoids. The question, obviously, is why. Edurne Pasaban Lizarribar (born August 1, 1973) is a Basque Spanish mountaineer. Find exactly what you're looking for! More than 25.000 books sold. Beyond that, she's saving her legs for the 2006 Winter Games, in Turin, Italy. [2] Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner equaled her two days later when summited Lhotse. Finally, she roused herself one more time and spoke to one of the Austrians. Writer. I'm a very cowardly climber. [0:48]. Araceli Segarra was born in Lleida (Spain). On May 1, 2008, Pasaban summited Dhaulagiri, as did Kaltenbrunner the same day again. SAYS WHO: "Nadia's passion and enthusiasm are infectious," says Andrew MacDonald, a British Columbia paddling guide who completed Kimmel's Grand Canyon program in 2003. But she had the drive." SAYS WHO: "The best thing about Araceli is her mettle," says Jeff Rhoads, a filmmaker and mountaineer who climbed with Segarra on K2 in 2002. —MARK JENKINS We welcome suggestions & criticisms -- and we accept compliments too. "These are what will save someone's life." "Years after I made the Olympic team, the former national coach apologized for not believing in me at the time," recalls Tomlinson. Since then, Segarra has had a steady income from modelling for magazines such as Vogue and Elle. —JASON DALEY Yet. Thank you. en like a Spanish woman an old Spanish woman. "The only thing that would surprise me about Renata is if she didn't achieve what she set out to do." DOMESTIC BLISS: With a cozy house in Moab and a new cabin near Yosemite, the formerly nomadic First Couple of Climbing appear to be settling down. %PDF-1.7 An IMAX film documenting several climbers' 1996 ascent of Mount Everest. "The number of events she's capable of winning is absolutely mind-boggling." Speaker. [11], However, on August 29, 2010, it was announced that the South Korean Hiking Federation, after examining the proofs presented by Oh, had refused to acknowledge her Kangchenjunga ascent, accepting the sherpas' version according to which Oh was not able to complete the ascent due to bad weather conditions. By age 12, the heir to the world's most famous archaeological dynasty (she's the granddaughter of Louis and Mary) was driving the Land Rover to pick up water for the team, and at age 18 she learned how to fly a single-engine Cessna 150. SAYS WHO: "I was quite surprised when Emma opted for single-handed sailing, since she is such a great team player," says Edwards, 41, whom Richards considers a mentor. traduction ségaré dans le dictionnaire Francais - Anglais de Reverso, voir aussi 's'égarer',serrage',servage',sevrage', conjugaison, expressions idiomatiques K2 is not only harder, it is more dangerous: for every 10 ascents of Everest there has been one fatality. - Climbing the l’Aiguille Verte, “Late to say I’m Sorry” route. Why is she going? Occasional model. This is a surprising statement, because Segarra was the star of the Imax movie Everest, the most successful large-format film ever made,which grossed $120 million. And hopefully it will continue long after that." POPPY GALL 45 & CAROLYN COOKE 43 Gear Entrepreneurs Burlington, Vermont —LISA ANNE AUERBACH, NADIA KIMMEL 35 Outdoor Educator Breckenridge, Colorado GRETCHEN BLEILER 22 Halfpipe Queen Aspen, Colorado ED/V 5+ (France), - Ice climbing, “Minus One Gully” VI, 6, Ben Nevis (Scotland), - “Petite MacIntyre”. After spending last winter and spring helping Potter pull off one of his longtime dreams—free-climbing Half Dome and El Capitan in a single 24-hour period—Davis balked when he asked her to provide similar assistance on a notoriously hard crack on Tombstone, a sandstone slab near Moab. "She stands out for her smooth style and power. SAYS WHO: "Nikki is aggressive but graceful, and in it for all the right reasons," says kayaker Brad Ludden, who's led more than ten major expeditions. SAYS WHO: "Steph is one of the most dedicated and hardworking climbers I know," says Lynn Hill, the first person to free-climb the Nose on El Cap. While on Everest near-novices can be helped to the summit, the list of those who have climbed K2 is filled by the very best. 'It's too late for Joe Fiends. And when her passion turns competitive, she dominates. "I'm the most competitive among supercompetitive people," says Coughlin, a senior psychology major at Berkeley who maintains a 3.5 GPA, trains upwards of five hours a day, and juggles at least seven events in a typical NCAA meet (the 100- and 200-meter freestyle, the 100 and 200 backstroke, the 100 butterfly, and several relays). TIGHT SPOTS: Kimmel has learned from her own brushes with disaster, like the time she had an asthma attack when her raft overturned. Sue always finds that one." IT RUNS IN THE FAMILY: Felix, who's majoring in elementary education at USC, shares an off-campus apartment with her older brother, Wes, a junior and the reigning 200-meter Pac-10 champion. "Expeditions are what kayaking's really all about." "But look where it gets her: She's one of the best endurance athletes out there. It's as much project management as it is sailing." Forward Spin: She'll help Team Montrail defend their title at the 2004 Raid World Championship and try to improve on their 2003 second-place finish at next year's Primal Quest. Directed by David Breashears, Greg MacGillivray and Stephen Judson; narrated by Liam Neeson. You try to forget about it.'. MESSAGE - Nature is beautiful but dangerous. - Climbing the Cerro Standnardt, “Exocet” route, 500 m 6a, WI6 (Patagonia). After a strong performance last May at the Billabong Pro Teahupo, in Tahiti, Georgeson was ranked sixth on the WCT; by July she'd nailed a surprise victory at the U.S. Surfing Open, in Huntington Beach, California, beating seasoned pros Rochelle Ballard and Pauline Menczer by a wide margin. "Pretty much more than anyone has ever liked a dog." Says Who: "There are not enough hours in the day to keep up with Jeannie's whirling dervish of a life," says cross-country ski racer Brooke Baughman, 31. —FLORENCE WILLIAMS With Ed Viesturs, Araceli Segarra, Jamling Tenzing Norgay, Sumiyo Tsuzuki, Paula Viesturs, Dr. Roger Bilham and Dr. Beck Weathers. Six years later, the mother-daughter team found a 3.5-million-year-old skull that is believed to belong to a branch of early humans known as Kenyanthropus platyops—a discovery that confirmed her place within the Leakey legacy.

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