a level english literature coursework frankenstein

After being inspired by a discussion from her husband and Byron about the nature of horror, life and, ‘Supremely frightful would be the effect of any human endeavour to mock the stupendous mechanism of the creator of the world.’ Shelley was also inspired by the recent scientific discoveries of the time such as the, Female writers were given little respect so Mary Shelley. The reader is made sympathetic to the creature. Century audiences tended to enjoy the extreme emotional levels which would have probably heightened their sense of entertainment. After his ‘birth’ he is innocent and child-like in nature. (Elizabeth dying – Premonition). He ran out into the forest, and returned the following morning to discover the family rushing to leave the place from the monster. They are each idealised images of women; beautiful, sensitive and working only for the good of others. It seems Shelley’s life was engulfed in and surrounded by misery. The violence of the monster’s rage is paralleled by the elements, yet another case of pathetic fallacy. However, when it does spring to life the last emotion Frankenstein feels is joy. Unfortunately she also lost her daughter before she even had the chance to name her, she had dreams of bringing the child back to life. Frankenstein’s body is beginning to take a toll due to his mental state: Frankenstein shirks responsibility on two separate occasions: Justine vastly contrasts with the creature, but it is as though through their relationships with Victor, she and the creature are long lost siblings. After his ‘birth’ he is innocent and child-like in nature. Symbolism of the, Victor receives a letter from his father telling of the death of William, Elizabeth believes she is to blame for William’s death, for letting him hold a ‘miniature’ of Victor’s mother, a valuable object, ‘It advanced, the heavens were clouded, and I son felt the rain coming, slowly in large drops, but its, Victor sees the creature stalking him and becomes convinced that ‘he’ killed William, Believing everyone will think him insane, Victor decides to remain silent about the creature, ‘Every human being is guiltless of this murder.’ – a sense of, As the trial goes on and evidence is presented against her, Justine starts to panic and becomes unusually anxious. There are many different settings such as: The audience would have been mostly unfamiliar with these locations giving Shelley free reign to write them how she wished. The chance to explore and break new ground draws a parallel to, Walton is ignoring warnings that ‘the pole is the seat of frost and desolation’, this shows a Gothic convention of how he is, More Gothic conventions in Walton are how he is both passionate and arrogant at the same time; ‘you cannot contest the inestimable benefit I shall confer.’, Walton also wishes to accomplish ‘some great purpose’ fitting well into the theme of romanticism and. A Level Revision Sunday, 26 May 2013. Whenever humans saw him, they either ran away or attacked the monster. He is convinced more is to come; ‘Solitude was my only consolation – deep, dark, deathlike solitude’ – Use of, He spends hours on the lake in isolation considering suicide, He fantasises about revenge and his hatred for the creature, ‘Dear Victor, banish these dark passions.’. This website and its content is subject to our Terms and Victor shows no fear of the supernatural as he experiments with body parts, in the historical context of the novel this shows ignorance which he will suffer greatly for. Walton calls Frankenstein ‘noble and godlike in ruin,’ this may be an attempt to balance out the negative view we may have made in our minds of Frankenstein throughout the novel, In his final reflection Frankenstein claims that his duty to his fellow man was far more important, ‘because they included a greater proportion of happiness or misery’, this shows that he, There is an important parallel between Frankenstein and Walton, Walton is also drawing others into danger because of his own obsession. Victor is aware that marrying Elizabeth will lure the monster to him and bring about a quickened death for himself, saving his loved ones. Caroline being ‘saved’ (what would a feminist say about this?) Frankenstein holds the characteristics of a tragic hero, he is from a good family and is incredibly intelligent and passionate about his work. Upon being asked if he would like to marry Elizabeth right away he says: ‘The idea was that of horror and dismay’ –. This website uses cookies to provide you with the best browsing experience. However, a key difference between them is how Justine accepts and faces her death bravely and somehow still tries to comfort those around her.

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