4x2x2 reptile enclosure

It’s a little pricey, and it takes a long time to get, but worth it!! She went from a 40 gallon to this, so it is a huge upgrade for her and she is still adjusting but overall I love it and I believe she does as well. Great enclosure, sturdy and attractive. PVC reptile enclosures made in the USA. However, the materials were overall very well made and fitted. Seriously, I couldn't be happier with my pet's reaction to upgrading his home. This was an 18th birthday present and I couldn’t be happier! No awful scraping/squealing or getting stuck here, which I’ve dealt with before in other enclosures and I never want to deal with ever again. Arcadia Reptile authorized dealer for all your reptile caging, lighting & heating needs. It took some work to put together but, I think after about 2 hours by myself I was all done. What sets us apart from the rest? A+ and 5 stars all the way! If you need a custom sized reptile cage feel free to. Front-sliding doors minimize stress when approaching your pet. Happy dragons We strive to provide a high quality & long lasting enclosures for lizards like bearded dragons, blue tongue skinks, leopard geckos, leachianus geckos, savannah monitors, tegus, and snakes like green tree pythons, ball pythons, boas and more. Free shipping included. The Zen Habitats 4’x2’x2′ Reptile Enclosure with Substrate Shield is suitable for mid-sized arid and semi-arid lizards such as: Order the Zen Habitats 4’x2x2′ Reptile Enclosure here! are available in our "Accessories & Decals" section. Clear video instructions allowed us to easily assembly the enclosure (without tools!) I have a bearded dragon This item ships flat. Love it! I use a vinyl base so I did not install the substrate shield. My bearded dragon absolutely loves his upgrade! OMG!!! Reach out to Mariah at reptifiles@gmail.com to pitch your product for review! The greatest upgrade I could’ve hoped for Great customer service!! Most of the the complaints voiced in this review are fairly insignificant issues. I was surprised at how easy it is to keep the humidity low and keep it warm enough without adding extra lights. We are not done decorating yet, but we have a start and plenty of room to work with. You can learn more about our Kages™ here! He absolutely loves it. Excellent size for many popular reptile species, Quite attractive even before decor is added (photogenic), Bamboo and aluminum construction is extremely lightweight, Bamboo and aluminum are very eco-friendly materials, Knobs help prevent fingerprint marks on the doors, Wire port is conveniently placed and a good idea, UVB lighting can be mounted inside the enclosure using zip ties if needed, Doors are made of acrylic, which is easily scratched, Mesh top make it difficult to maintain consistent humidity, Installing a full heat lamp inside the enclosure is difficult, unattractive, and potentially dangerous to occupants, Unable to stack enclosures on top without mounting the entire lamp inside, Seems flimsy — I’m worried about it collapsing if stacked 3 high, each with a thick substrate layer and lots of decor, Transparent front is likely to be stressful to tortoise or box turtle occupants. The review below is our honest, unbiased opinion. Great setup, easy to put together and my dragon loves the room. ReptiFiles.com is a compilation of factual, science-based research from the best reptile care resources in the world, packaged in one neat website. We were highly impressed by this brilliantly designed product and were in LOVE. My beardies and I are both very happy with their new habitat. Super easy to assemble. But what I am more impressed with is Zen Habitats amazing customer service. If you are looking to upgrade to a 4x2x2 this is the definitely worth the price, considering how cheap it is compared to other enclosures on the market. He doesn't say much, but the huge amount of space allows him to run and chase his dinner (when he's not being hand fed!) Thank you! Although I think this can be mostly attributed to the generous application of Kennel Seal, I’m pleased nonetheless. Love the attention to detail. I love this enclosure! Definitely buy it’s worth every penny! The sliding glass isn’t that smooth and makes noise when opening. ), Assembles as two separate pieces that join together to form one enclosure, Top lid can be removed while cage stays intact, 4 wire exit holes to set up your own heating and lighting, If you choose the key lock option, it will be in the centre in addition to the latches, Approximate Outside Dimensions: W: 47.5” D: 23.5” H: 23.5”, Material: Made In USA Brand Name 1/2” PVC & 1/4” Acrylic. Ordering was quick and easy and shipping was very fast! I also wanted to say that we were having trouble locating the acrylic doors (they have brown protective film on them that peels off) and I contacted support and they messaged me back super fast. If there is a shipping defect such as broken glass/ light fixture/ badly chipped enclosure piece, we are more than happy to replace it. Our bearded dragon seems so much more content. Chad actually stopped reading them about halfway through and just put the thing together based on the pieces available and what the final result should look like. Thank you so much!!! Large enclosures – 120-gallon equivalent. My bearded dragon loves his new enclosure. Absolutely love this massive piece and it's become the coolest centerpiece in the house! If there is something you aren't happy with we will correct it and work with you to make sure you are 100% happy with your new Reptihome. It’s arguably one of the best reptile enclosures on the market at this price point, making it an accessible upgrade for reptile owners who are looking to improve their pet’s quality of life. All Zen Habitats come with an optional substrate shield for those who use loose substrate. Highly recommend. Our 4x2x2 custom reptile cage is a great home for: Learn more about our species recommendations, At Kages we strive to use the highest quality products for our Premium PVC Enclosures that's why we use.

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