2020 election results by county data

Non-partisan "digital encyclopedia of American politics and elections."

Using the LEAP data link above, select the data you would like to receive and take a screenshot to email to the LEAP team. From the "United States" heading, navigate into individual states and then to counties/cities. Voters were evenly split on how the US economy was faring, with 48% saying it was in "excellent or good" condition and 50% saying it was "not so good or poor". Historical Election Returns Datasets, 1788-1990, Vital Statistics on the Presidency, 1789-2012, Presidential Primary Elections by County, 1968–2004 (print book), Presidential Primary Elections by State, 1920–2000 (print book), United States Presidential Elections, 1788-1860: the official results by county and state, List of Official Election Results by State, Links to Official State Election Websites, Electoral Data for Counties in the United States: Presidential and Congressional Races, 1840-1972, U.S. House Primary Election Results (1956-2010), Vital Statistics on American Politics—Elections, A New Nation Votes: American Election Returns, 1787–1825, United States Congressional Elections, 1788–1997 (print book), Southern Primary and General Election Data, 1920–1972, United States gubernatorial elections, 1776-1860 : the official results by state and county (e-book), United States gubernatorial elections, 1861-1911 : the official results by state and county (e-book), United States gubernatorial elections, 1912-1931 : the official results by state and county (print book), State Legislative Election Returns, 1967-2016, the original version where each row is a candidate, Electoral Returns for Statewide Offices in the United States, 1874-1952, State Legislative Historical Elections (to 1970), Referenda and Primary Election Materials, 1968-1990, Local Elections in America Project (LEAP), Record of American Democracy (ROAD) (1984–1990), Presidential general election data at the state and county (1916+) and New England town level (1992+), Presidential primary elections data at the state, county, and New England town level (2000+), Voter registration and turnout data for all 50 states, counties, and New England towns (1992+), By congressional district (103rd–115th Congress [1992-2016]), Presidential general elections (by state 1789+; by county 1920+), Presidential primaries (by state, years vary widely), primary and party convention results (1968–2012), popular and electoral votes by state (1789–2012), presidential and Congressional party alignment (1824–2012), vote share by demographic group, national (1952–2012), U.S. House of Representative general elections data by state, congressional district, county, and New England towns (1992–present), Senate general elections data at the state and county level (1990–present), Voter registration and turnout data for all 50 states, counties, and New England towns (1992–present), Senate general elections (by state 1914–; by county 1968–), Senate primary elections (by state 1920–; popular nonbinding vote for some states 1908-1912), House general elections (by Congressional district 1822–), House primaries (by Congressional district 1994–), Voting trends for offices or geographies; incumbent and open seat races; special elections; split districts; party control; candidate electoral histories; party switches; and more (generally 1968–), popular vote and seats in House elections, by Party (1896–2010), divided government, by Congress (1861–2013), mean turnover in the House, by decade (1789–2010), losses by president's party in midterm elections (1862–2010), minority elected officials (various years), Complete returns for all House and Senate general elections (1788–1997, by state and congressional district), Lists candidate names, party affiliation, popular vote, and percentage vote received, Percentages of members running unopposed, seeking reelection, reelected, defeated, and serving a first-term (by Congress), Gubernatorial, senatorial, and (some) presidential elections (1920–1972, by county and state).

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