Fabulous Fossils

Would you know where to go to find fossils?  A beach perhaps or a disused quarry?  Both are possibilities, if you know where to look, but this week I took the easy option…

This fantastic collection can be found at the Genesis Museum of Creation Research, near Fakenham, in Norfolk.  There are well over 3000 different exhibits.

Founder and director, Joseph Hubbard, showed me round, told me about the history of the collection and picked out a few of his favourites.

Joseph is a fantastic source of information about geology, so rather than go into detail about what I saw at the museum, I’m going to let Joseph tell you himself, beginning this Friday.

Meanwhile if you are in Norfolk, or passing nearby, do book yourself a visit to the Genesis Museum of Creation Research, where you can have a chat with Joseph and see the fossils for yourself.