Evidence for Temperature Change

Average temperatures gradually change over time, and it doesn’t need to be a big change to start to make a difference.

We hear a lot about climate change and global warming.  Why the worry?  Well a rise in global temperature, even a small one, would result in less ice, in the Arctic, Antarctic and on mountains, since more of it would melt.  That would mean more water in the sea.

More water in the sea, plus the fact that the sea would also be slightly warmer, (and when things get warmer they expand), would both contribute to making the sea level higher.

People are worried because tides will get higher and coastal areas will be in danger of flooding.  Many of the world’s biggest cities are on tidal rivers.

London has been protected by a flood barrier across the Thames since 1984.  It is raised when storms cause exceptionally high tides.  You can find out more via this link.

Our landscape contains evidence for both higher temperatures and lower temperatures in the past.  For now, we are going to focus on lower temperatures.

So if average temperatures used to be lower, we should find evidence at the coast.  Join me for a look next week.