Dormitory, Resort or Something In-between?

Over the last two weeks we have visited two very different villages.  Charmouth is a resort settlement on the Dorset coast.  Balsham is a dormitory settlement close to the town of Cambridge. This week it is your turn to do some investigating.

Charmouth and Balsham both have a primary school and two pubs, but Charmouth has far more shops and cafes, even though its permanent population (from the last census – 1352) is actually slightly less than Balsham’s (1591).

So, choose a place near you to investigate.  I recommend that you choose a village, rather than anything bigger, as to investigate thoroughly you will need to go down every street, preferably on foot. 

If you can find a village with a similar population size to Charmouth and Balsham, then you can compare with the information that I have given you about those places.

Is your village just a regular village, or is it more like a resort settlement (lots of shops and services) or more like a dormitory settlement (very few shops and services)?  And if it is a dormitory, where does everyone go to work?

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