Teesside is not the only place where the location of the port has moved downstream over time.

Yarm gave way to Stockton, a different town, but London is so big that it has engulfed its previous port areas.

When Roman Londinium was built on the north bank of the River Thames, the first docks were right there, by the present-day London Bridge.

From that point, moving downstream, a map reveals evidence of docks.  Further down the river they increase in size, being built at a later time to accommodate larger ships.

As the dock activity has moved downstream the old areas have been redeveloped.

The docks at the Isle of Dogs are now flanked by office blocks and modern housing, while a little further down river the dockside has been used for the runway of London City Airport.

London’s docks today are located at Tilbury.

Here’s the map view of Tilbury.  Follow the river upstream and you should be able to find older and progressively smaller dock areas as you go in towards the centre of London.