Dinosaurs – Whitby & Yorkshire

Yorkshire is the slightly less-well-known Jurassic Coast in the UK. It has exactly the same type of rocks as the south coast, and the same kind of fossils as well. Even less well-known are the abundance of dinosaurs to be found, particularly footprints!

Whitby is a rather famous town, both for its fossils and history. Just slightly north of the town is a small village, Port Mulgrave. In the 1800s it was a bustling port, with several mines in the area digging for copper, iron and jet. Now, all that is left of the port is a small pile of rocks where the harbour used to be. But where the sea has done damage to the harbour, it’s also done it to the cliffs! And in the process has revealed an incredible amount of fossils! However the access is somewhat hazardous to say the least!

The main route into Port Mulgrave

Once you’re down though, the rewards are great. Including some of the best dinosaur fossils in the north of the UK. Footprints are all along the coast here, and many important discoveries have been found. These include the largest dinosaur ever discovered, a Sauropod (long-necked dinosaur) nicknamed “Alan”!

Dinosaur footprint from Port Mulgrave

Dinosaur Footprint from Whitby