Dinosaurs of Britain – Hastings

Hastings is a very famous place – mostly associated with the major battle that took place nearby in 1066, with the English Anglo Saxons taking on the French Normans. It was here that William the Conqueror landed his troops, and prepared to invade the country. But what William probably didn’t know, was that all around the beach, Dragons used to roam!

Hastings is one of the best places in the country to find dinosaur remains and footprints outside of the Isle of Wight. The beach is now very hard to get to, due to rockfalls and large boulders blocking the path, but the bravest of explorers can make it over to the area where the footprints are. Large Iguanodon footprint casts lie around, along with smaller theropod dinosaur prints. Chunks of bone can also be found around the place, although most of them are firmly stuck in the rock!

A small dinosaur footprint on the right.
A small chunk of dinosaur bone in the rock.

If you remember from previous articles, we were discussing different types of fossils. Can you remember what type of fossil footprints are? That’s right, cast fossils! (You can read the post here) As well as being cast fossils, they are also classed as trace fossils, as they aren’t actually part of the dinosaur, but something the dinosaur left behind (footprints, dung, tail marks, etc).

As dinosaur footprints will be coming up a lot, next week we will have an entire post dedicated to looking at them, and finding out how they form, and what kinds there are. It will help you to understand as we continue our journey around the Dinosaurs of the UK!