Dinosaurs – Neovenator

The next dinosaur to look at this week is one of the more ‘exciting’ ones. It has been named “The T’Rex of the UK!” It’s name is Neovenator salarii, and it is only known from the Isle of Wight.

Temporary image of fleshed Neovenator
Picture Copyright: Dinosaur Isle.

Neovenator belongs to the same family as T’Rex, and appears to be closely related to another therapod dinosaur – Allosaurus. The therapod family includes the dinosaurs that walked upright on two legs, such as Spinosaurus, T’Rex, and many of the raptor dinosaurs as well. Neovenator means “New Hunter” and Salarii is named after the Salero family, as it was on their land that the first Neovenator fossils were found!

From what we can tell about its fossils, Neovenator looked very much like its American cousins, the T’Rex and Allosaurus. It would have been slightly smaller, but still with the distinctive body-shape and teeth. A few Neovenator footprints have been found on the Isle of Wight which help us to work out the size of the animal.

Neovenator skull on display at Dinosaur Isle Museum on the Isle of Wight.

So there we have it! A few weeks on the Isle of Wight! Now we have looked at a few different dinosaurs on the Isle, we will soon move back onto the mainland, and discover some more of the different locations dinosaurs can be found – some may surprise you. But to end our tour of the Isle of Wight with a bang, next week we will finish with a very special conclusion!