You probably noticed a few similarities between Irish and Scottish Gaelic, both of which are Celtic languages.  If you check out the Isle of Man, Manx is also a related language.

Cornish is a Celtic language too, but it has more in common with Welsh and Breton of NW France.

So in Welsh we have Llan for a place with a church, while in Cornish it is Lan. 

Places starting Llan are very common in Wales, while in Cornwall more common is Tre (homestead, settlement) and Tré is how it appears in NW France as you can see on this map.

Porth Curno

Here’s some more Cornish to find on a suitable map:

  • Bod or Bos = home or dwelling
  • Eglos = church
  • Lan = place with a church
  • Maen or Men = a stone
  • Pen = the end of something, like a headland
  • Pol = pool
  • Porth = bay, port or harbour
  • Ros = moor, heath or common
  • Tre = homestead, settlement
Ponswad in Cornish