Conservation in Mill Glen

Both Mill Glen and Alva Glen are sites of industrial heritage. The structures within them tell the story of the past.

In order to see that story, people need to have safe access.

In Mill Glen considerable effort is being made to provide a safe route. Paths, steps and bridges have been constructed.

Areas of loose rock have been netted.

Or secured with cables.

This stops the rock from falling down and blocking the path or falling into the river and taking the path away too.

The stream is no longer being diverted to power a mill, so its energy is going into eroding and carrying away the bits of rock, slowly deepening the glen, as it was before the industry arrived.

If you are in the area, do take a walk up either Mill Glen, at Tillicoultry, or Alva Glen, at Alva. You will be rewarded with fine views.

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