Charming Charmouth

The village of Charmouth, on the Dorset coast, is a charming seaside resort.  There’s plenty of beach, fossils to be found, cafes and gift shops as well as the traditional seaside takeaway – fish and chips!

But a resort doesn’t have to be coastal.  Any place that attracts a sizeable visiting population for at least some of the year, counts as a resort.  So, in Scotland, you will find a few ski resorts and some inland towns attract visitors all year round, such as Bath.

A place that has a larger number of services than you would expect for the size of its permanent population, is likely to be a resort.

Charmouth has a range of shops and cafes, as well as two pubs, but the permanent population is only just over 1000.  If only 1000 or so people were using these businesses, they would be unlikely to make enough money to continue to operate.  However, as the population size swells with visitors for at least six months of the year, the local population can benefit from access to more facilities than most places of the same size.