Are You Lost?

Have you been practicing using a map?  Even with a map, if you are in an area with relatively few features, such as an open, flat hilltop, or rather too many that all look the same, like a forest, you might not be sure exactly where you are. 

And if the map is on your phone and the phone dies could you work out which way to go?

Before we think about how to know which way to go, lets look at directions on the map.  If you are holding the map the right way round, so that most of the words are the right way up, then North is at the top of the map.  That means South is at the bottom of the map, West is to the left side and East is to the right.  (Don’t confuse West and East – they should spell the word WE from left to right, not EW)

Assuming that you did know where you were, but you are not sure if you are still on track, (or that you did know but the phone died) then you would know which direction you were hoping to travel.  Of course, if you have a compass handy, that will soon tell you which way is North, but if not…

We’ll have a look at some other ways to find out next week.