Also Seen in the Sea

Two weeks ago I showed you a hazy photograph of something offshore.  Here’s another couple of equally bad ones! Look carefully out to sea.

Yes, it’s another energy generating enterprise!

Offshore wind farms are hard to photograph from the land but you can pick them out by eye if you know where to look.  Most of the current sites are off the coast of East Anglia or in the Irish Sea, close to the English coast.

The turbines are grouped together, but you can’t just put them anywhere.  They need to be in relatively shallow water, so they can be easily fixed to the seabed.  (Though floating turbines are possible – there is a cluster of those off the east coast of Scotland).  They also need to be out of the way of shipping lanes.  (Imagine trying to get through a cluster in fog!)

Lots of others are planned, especially further out into the relatively shallow North Sea. 

Of course, accessing an area of sea is easy compared to land locations, which are often remote.  With no twisty narrow roads to negotiate, sea turbines can be enormous.