All Roads Lead To…

We have a saying in our family: “All roads lead to Whitchurch”.  (Whitchurch, Shropshire that is.)  And they do…

We once used this enthusiastic road signage to pull off a surprise birthday party.  We drove from Wrexham to Telford, all the while seeming to be heading to Whitchurch, (which is roughly in the middle) and totally disorientating the young recipient of the surprise!

But why do so many roads lead to Whitchurch?

The town of Whitchurch is located in an area of low land, with no big hills and no big rivers, so it can be approached from pretty much any direction.  It was a convenient place for people to come together to trade.

The town was given a market charter in the 14th century.  This meant that no other market could be established within walking distance – walking there and back in a day.

The town was the only trading place within reach from the surrounding area.  So roads developed, the railway arrived and also a canal link to Britain’s network of waterways.

Despite being in Shropshire, Whitchurch was the centre of the Cheshire Cheese industry.  Cheeses from the local area were gathered here before being sent to markets all over Britain.

Cheese is still produced in the area today and the town continues to supply the local area with most of its needs through a wide variety of shops.

So next time you are in north Shropshire, why not visit Whitchurch.  I don’t need to give you directions – you’ll have no trouble finding it!

And finally this morning, a quick shout out to the Franks family, who sent me some feedback over the weekend.  I’m not sure if you do bacon and blog or blog on toast, but enjoy your breakfast!