A Tour of the Stours

Our final name in this series on confusing rivers is Stour and they are all in England.

Britain’s longest River Stour (#1) is in Dorset, flowing towards Christchurch, where it joins with one of our Avons as they both flow into the English Channel.

River Stour #2 is rather more famous though, having featured in paintings by Constable and many others.  Along much of its route the river marks the border between Essex and Suffolk, and it flows into the North Sea by the busy port of Harwich.  Away from the docks, the river and its valley are an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

Kent’s River Stour is actually 3 rivers.  The River Great Stour (#3) meets the River East Stour (#4) at the town of Ashford.  The Great Stour also has a tiny tributary called the Little Stour.

River Stour #5 is a tributary of the River Severn.  It begins to the south-west of Birmingham and loops round to join the River Severn at the appropriately named town of Stourport.

And finally, River Stour #6 is a tributary of an Avon, the Shakespeare one.  The River Stour joins with the River Avon just downstream of Stratford-upon-Avon.

Well I hope that’s all clear now.  A final map activity for this series will be heading to your inbox.  (Sign up in the side bar).