A New Port

Yarm was a route centre with tracks and roads coming in from all directions to cross the River Tees.  Later the railway also passed through the town, with an impressive viaduct carrying it above the houses and across the river, beside the road bridge.

With lots of routes to different places for trade, it is not surprising that Yarm was once a thriving port.

But here’s the River Tees at Yarm.  Do you see the problem?

The river is sizeable but way too small to accommodate the large ocean going ships we use today.  Even in its heyday, the rise and fall of the tide and the meandering nature of the river made it a hazardous journey in from the sea.

When new port facilities were built downstream at Stockton and Middlesbrough, most river traffic soon stopped coming to Yarm.

Today Teesport is almost within sight of the open sea.  Yet it is still a couple of miles into the river estuary to benefit from the sheltered water.  The surrounding land is covered in industries and the river provides a transport route to bring in raw materials and export products.

Have a look at the satellite view here.  Spot the jetties, note the industries and follow the river down to the sea and then back inland to Yarm.

Add Stockton, Middlesbrough and Teesport to your map from An Inland Port.