The World of Living Fossils – Crocodiles!

This week let’s look at a living fossil you’re probably a bit more familiar with – crocodiles!

Fossils of crocodiles are found in the same rocks as dinosaurs, so were alive at the same time. The difference is, dinosaurs appear to be extinct, but crocodiles are very much alive and well! Fossil crocodiles come in a huge range of sizes, from the same size as modern crocs, to the huge ‘super croc’ over 15 metres in length!

This crocodile skull is on display in the Genesis Museum of Creation Research. There is a lot we can learn from it! First, look at it’s teeth. Crocodile teeth are not rooted in very well, so they fall out easily. This crocodile has been caught up and buried before it had time for the teeth to fall out – very quick burial! It wasn’t hanging around for a long time before it got buried. It has all it’s skull in place, no bones missing or evidence of missing parts. This crocodile was buried really quickly! It comes from Morocco, where millions of fossils are found – all dumped into a huge pile of limestone. It really is an amazing place for fossils!

 Fossils like this crocodile remind us that animals have been making more animals like themselves for as long as they have been alive – reproducing after their own kind, in other words! There is no change, just animals staying the same, getting smaller, or dying out.