The Truth

Last week Teirnyon reunited with Pwyll, who was also completely oblivious to the truth…

“Lords,” Teirnyon began, his voice slightly squeaky.  “I made this journey to tell an important tale to you.  I beg that you will all listen carefully.”

“At home in Gwent, I have a horse, which foals every year on May-eve.  In the evening, I leave her about to give birth, but the next morning, the foal is nowhere to be found.  This had been going on for a few years and so two years ago I decided that it was very stupid of me not to put a stop to this.  I armed myself and hid in the stable to watch.”

“The horse gave birth, and just as it had done so, the door began to silently swing open.  A beam of moonlight shone in, which silhouetted a huge arm, creeping into the stable and heading for the foal.  It made a pounce as I rushed from my hiding place, and I attacked, cutting off the arm.  The monster fled, and I chased it down the track, but it was too quick for me, so I returned.  At the door of the stable I found something that the monster had dropped.”

A slight moan caught his ears.  He gave an agonised glance to his right, and saw his wife bent over the table with her face in her hands.  Teirnyon swallowed.  He must go on!

“I found a baby.”  He paused, stealing sideways looks at Rhiannon and Pwyll.  They stared back, rigid and wide-eyed, hands gripping the arms of their chairs.  Could it possibly…???

“This boy that you see beside us here.  I looked for his parents, but couldn’t find them, and we reared him as our own, until three days ago, when it suddenly dawned on me…”

He reached over and picked up little Gwri, holding him beside Pwyll.  “Lords, look well!  For I have never seen so great a resemblance between father and son, as between this child and our lord, Pwyll.”

They looked, intently and soberly.  Pwyll just gazed at the child, stunned, the colour driven from his face.  Finally Teirnyon turned to Rhiannon, and spoke in the loudest voice he had yet used, so that it carried to all four corners of the hall.  “Behold, here is your son, lady.  And whoever told that lie about you, has done wrong.  I believe there is no man present who does not see that this boy is the son of Pwyll.”