The Baby

Last week Teirnyon found an unexpected piece of lost property outside his stable…

He hurried back to the house, the precious bundle in his arms, and slipped into the bedroom, closing the door with a small thump.  The corners of the chamber were in darkness, but the soft white light filtering through the window cast a hazy glow round the bed.

“Wife,” he whispered, “Are you awake?”

The figure in the bed stirred, “No, lord,” came a sleepy voice, “I was asleep, but woke up when you came in.”

Teirnyon smiled to himself.  So this was what came of her many protests about this adventure, and her resolve to sit up for him!

She sat up and lit a candle, which illuminated Teirnyon and the baby in a blaze of light.  Her mouth fell open.

Teirnyon smiled at her, that long, slow smile from when a husband and wife share the delights of their hearts.  “Behold, here is a baby for you, since you have never had one.”  He came to the bed and gently laid the child in her arms.

His wife looked down at the baby and then up at him, in mingled astonishment and delight.  “What adventure is this?”

So Teirnyon sat down on the bed and told her the whole story, as his wife overcame her shock and looked at the child.

“He is wearing a mantle of satin,” she observed.  “He is from a noble family.”

A chubby hand shot up to grasp Teirnyon’s finger.  “And strong,” he laughed.  “You are a warrior’s child, little one.”

She dragged her eyes away from the child, holding him out of her sight with a visible effort.  “Well, my lord, it would be best not to content ourselves with keeping him yet.  Will you make enquiries among the other landowners hereabouts to see if anyone has lost a baby?”

Teirnyon nodded.  He knew, deep down, that that was what he had to do.

But the enquiries proved fruitless, and as the days went by, the baby settled in with them, seeming to have always been part of their lives.  They named him Gwri, and his growth was marvellous for one so young.  “The child of a hero,” Teirnyon and his wife often thought, and yet they could not find his real parents.  But in his heart Teirnyon knew he wasn’t looking very hard.