Settling Down

Last week Deirdre found out what the prophecy at her birth was really about…

The next thing Naoise asked was if I regretted coming with him.  I pondered this for a long time.  Did I?  I certainly regretted putting him in danger.  But when that was weighed up against everything else…marrying Conchobar, and our own personal belief in prophecy… 

As long as we stayed in Scotland, we should be safe.

The house was finished in late spring.  We fitted it out and then, one starlit night, Naoise and I married. 

The blacksmith killed his fattest pig for the wedding feast, and much laughter and toasting was shared around the fire that night.  Knowing we were safe in Scotland, Naoise and I smiled into each other’s eyes, and the faces of the boys reflected our happiness.

After the fire had died down and everyone had eaten and drunk enough, Naoise carried me to our own house and our lives together began…

But living costs money.  Shortly after our wedding, Naoise and the boys went to the King of Scotland’s court at Inverness.  They wouldn’t let me go with them, as they were afraid someone might try to take me from them.  Not wanting to be any more danger to them, I agreed.

So Naoise and the boys entered the army of the king of Scotland, and earned enough to keep us.  One or other of them was generally away, but I still saw a good deal of my husband.

And so the summer came, and started to fade, and our lives carried on in a happy idyll.  And one day my whole world grew sweeter, and Naoise and I faced a new challenge.