How Do We Compare?

Blog About Britain is about Britain, obviously, but knowing that the maximum temperature outside my house today is likely to be about 6°C is pretty meaningless without something to compare it to.

Is 6°C hot, cold, warm, cool?

Your opinion is going to depend on the temperature where you live and your experience of other places.  If you live in Aviemore, Scotland, where the maximum temperature today is expected to be 3°C, then you might want to describe my day as warm.  If you live in St Mary’s on the Scilly Isles, where 11°C is the expected maximum temperature, then that makes my area sound rather chilly.

Today, being the 1st January, would be a good day to start a little comparison of temperatures, in different places, which is something our family did about 10 years ago.  We chose a variety of places around the world and checked the maximum daytime temperature regularly, for a whole year, using online data.

We did it once a week but once a month would still give you some interesting comparisons.

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Happy New Year!