Dinosaurs – Scotland!

This week is our last time on the dinosaurs of Britain, so we are doubling up! Today, we head to Scotland, land of myth and legend. The famous story of a Loch Ness monster has inspired the imaginations of many, and some think it may have started with a real dinosaur living in the Loch! Whether that is true or not, there certainly are plenty of dinosaurs to be found in Scotland – but only the bones and footprints!

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Scotland has a lot of Jurassic rocks, and dinosaur fossils are in abundance along the jagged coastline, particularly on the Isle of Skye . One of the most exciting fossils are some of the largest dinosaur footprints in the world. These come from sauropods, the long-necked dinosaurs. In 2018, over 50 footprints were discovered, a complete trackway. It shown the dinosaurs stampeding along in all sorts of directions!

The 170 million-year-old tracks were made in a muddy lagoon off the north-east coast of what is now the Isle of Skye
One of the Sauropod footprints – Photo Credit: University of Edinburgh.
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A Sauropod, like the ones that created the trackways in Scotland.

As well as sauropods, there are also theropods (the T’Rex-type dinosaurs), and plenty of marine reptiles as well (the swimming dinosaurs). Although there is a lot to be found in Scotland, relatively little research has been done there, so new discoveries are being made all the time, such as the Sauropod trackway. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll be able to discover something new about Scotland’s great dragons!