Dinosaurs – Conclusion

Welcome to the final instalment of dinosaurs, and the last post before August break. Dinosaurs were truly amazing creatures, and we are privileged to live in a country that has such diversity in its fossils! We have discussed some of the best places to find dinosaurs, but there are so many more locations around the country that we just haven’t had time for!

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Dinosaurs have been studied in the UK longer than any other place in the world – but then the science was invented here! The pioneers of geology and palaeontology all came from, or studied in, the UK. Institutions such as the Natural History Museum and the Royal Society were set up to further the new branches of science that were springing up all over the place.

But one thing went wrong. In all this progress, people forgot what the true reason behind all this science was. Pioneers such as William Buckland and Adam Sedwick firmly believed in the Bible, and that the fossils they dug up were evidence of the global flood described in Genesis. Richard Owen, founder of the Natural History Museum said he wanted to start the museum “To display the wonders of the Creator” and believed that dinosaurs were “The monsters God made.” Now, his statue is hidden in the dark behind a huge column of the Museum, while the gleaming white statue of Charles Darwin, the man he fought so hard to dispute and keep out of the museum is placed in the centre of the hall. Charles Darwin is famous for his theory of evolution, but many people don’t realise that most of his ideas were made possible by his mentor, Charles Lyell. A Scottish lawyer, Lyell established the idea of an extremely ancient earth, with his only aim to “Free science from the Bible.” In other words, it had nothing to do with science at all.

Sir Richard Owen’s Statue in the Natural History Museum, London

We have looked at so many dinosaurs, so much evidence over the last few weeks. My last comment would be to continue finding out more. There are some links below for you to check out, and remember, you can always ask me question personally by messaging us, checking out our Facebook page, or visiting www.indianajoe.blog. God bless, and see you soon!

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