What Are We Talking About Here?

Or rather where are we talking about?

So far Blog About Britain has featured a scattering of places across mainland Britain, from Scotland…

…through England…

…to Wales.

But I would like to extend the scope a little further, to cover all of the British Isles.

So what exactly are we talking about?  Let’s have a quick look at a few terms that are often used interchangeably but in fact have precise definitions.

Great Britain = England + Scotland + Wales

United Kingdom = Great Britain + Northern Ireland

British Isles = United Kingdom + Ireland + Isle of Man

So arguably, if I write about all of the British Isles, then Blog About Britain is not really the correct name for this blog.  However, I like it because it rolls off the tongue a little more readily than the alternatives.

So having clarified that, (before someone tells me I’ve got it all wrong), next Wednesday I am going to introduce you to County Clare, Ireland, home of some amazing landscape features.


So What’s Going On Here?

Welcome to Blog About Britain.

My name is Sandra. Christian, wife, mother and passionate geographer.

Sandra in Berwyns

As an ex home-schooling mum, and resource supplier through Ichthus Resources, I know that geography information, and particularly for Britain, is in short supply. Now that my two are grown up, I’m hoping to change that, by putting fingers to keyboard, to share with you my love for this fascinating and diverse set of islands. And it will be freely available to all via the wonderful world of blogging.
So welcome to my Blog About Britain. I hope that you will join me on the journey.

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