The Geographer

Sandra in Berwyns

My name is Sandra. Christian, wife, mother and passionate geographer.

As an ex home-schooling mum, and resource supplier through Ichthus Resources, I know that geography information, and particularly for Britain, is in short supply. Now that my two are grown up, I’m changing that, by putting fingers to keyboard, to share with you my love for this fascinating and diverse set of islands. And it’s freely available to all via the wonderful world of blogging.

The Storyteller

Hi, its Sarah-Ann. Writer, dancer, traveller, filmmaker and daughter to the passionate geographer.

I discovered myths and legends several years ago, starting with ones from Greece, like the Odyssey, but then soon came across the stories of our own islands. They are so varied, rich and complex, giving a window into life at times when we barely know what was happening.

As well as retelling legends for you, I write my own historical/fantasy novels. I learn ballet, Ballroom and Latin, and Scottish Country Dancing. And I love to travel to new countries, experiencing the cultures of the people who live there.

The Geologist

Hi, I am Joseph, often called Indiana Joe! I am Christian and a geologist, specifically a palaeobiologist – which basically means I dig up dead things and try to work out how they lived! I work with Creation Research International as a speaker, writer and researcher, and I also head up Creation Research UK and the Genesis Museum of Creation Research. I also have a background in archaeology, biology, zoology, and have worked as a zookeeper for the last five years!

If you want to find out more about the ministry and work I do, visit one of the sites below. There is also a newsletter for Creation Research UK as well.

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